Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Day #10 "I Believe" Sew...What am I sewing today?

Sewing for the rest of the day.......

Sew... I'm still in the gift making mode, 
 Need to do Christmas Nightgowns for Willa and Camille and
I'm starting a new quilt...

This is a variation of a traditional pattern called 
"Storm at Sea"..
with 2 secondary patterns..Stars and Snails Trail. 
 I started with 20 blue and white prints 
and a white background...
Watch for updates!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

"I Believe" Day #9

Day #9

I bought a few patterns doll clothes patterns on  They have all kinds of great "Welli Wisher" sized patterns.
This sweater was adapted from one for a football jersey....
Yes, there is a Florida Gators Jersey in her future..

 And..this is the fun part.... I had this gray wool/cashmere sweater that never fit well..I "felted" the sweater 
(Washed and dried  intentionally so shrinks up and it will not fray)
The sweater was easy and fun to sew... I used an aurifil cotton thread with a fine "Microtex sharp" needle. 

Sew... I will be using the rest of the sweater in future projects... and checking out the box of old sweaters in the attic for more "Upcycling" opportunities...

Now... about the pants......
I bought a skinny jeans pattern ....the directions were good... 
I cut up a pair of  "JJill" jeans that didn't fit well 
(MY fault..I should have returned them)\
  The fabric was just stretchy enough and easy to sew... I made 2 pair  and I'm planning a jeans jacket for her spring wardrobe....

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"I Believe" Day #8

Day #8
O's Christmas Dress....
I have sewn for 4 year old O...  many times, but this is my favorite! It fits her, and she likes it!.
and now...
to update the doll's dress (change the black ribbon) so they match

and now...
to update the doll's dress (change the black ribbon) so they match

Sunday, December 10, 2017

"I Believe" Day #7

Day #7
 Willa's Dress!

Sew.. I bought Willa for O for Christmas.....but, as it turns out Thursday morning, as she and I were watching the WelliWishers on TV...O announced that she wanted "Camille" (the Welli with the straight blonde hair)... Sew.. I bought her doll and  Santa will be  giving the Willa doll to me this Christmas!  Tonight, I cut out 2 pair of doll sized jeans to sew in the morning! One for each doll... 

Also, today... I started to decorate.......
love these glass birds! And now they have their own tree!

Friday, December 8, 2017

"I Believe" Day #6

Day #6

So.. my granddaughter is getting a "WelliWisher" Doll for Christmas..
 (Not this doll....this one is mine...? it's a long story. Will share after Christmas!)
 Her doll will get this dress for Christmas..  I used a Pixie Faire pattern, made the top and tried it on her. It was tight, and I thought it would be hard for her little hands to manage. (The fabric is polyester taffeta and has NO stretch at all.) 
So I enlarged the pattern abit and made another. It was much better, so I finished the dress.

I suppose I'll need to find her some dressy shoes!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

" I Believe" Day #5

Day #5  
Scrappy Pillow
A few years ago , I  made the top out of leftover strips from a "low volume" quilt. 
The plan was to make a doll quilt, but it seemed sort of dull, so I set it aside...
Makes a better pillow, don't you think? 

Sew.. about the "low volume" quilt...
 I loved using Jen Kingwell's
 "Gypsy Wife" pattern to make the quilt... I used 50 different light/background/low volume was fun and a bit challenging to keep things in order...but I finished!
And, then....
I decided it would work best as upholstery!
We have a terrific upholsterer, 
Bruce Chandler, in Westmont, New Jersey, 
and he has used my quilts to upholster other chairs for me.. This is my favorite.. 
The piping is made from gray "Peppered Cotton".

 Hope your Christmas gift making is going well... 
Coming up next..."WellWisher" doll clothes, and granddaughter Christmas dress to match!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"I Believe" Day #4

Day #4
Flannel Quilt..just needed Binding ...Finished!
And... how are your gifts coming?


Monday, December 4, 2017

12 Days of "I Believe" #3

Gift #3
From Nancy Halvorsen's "Star of Wonder"
 machine embroidery collection.
Embroidery by my friend Jean...
Mitered corners take a bit longer, but are sew worth it!  
(this gift may stay at my house)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

12 Days of "I Believe" #2

Gift #2
Sew much fun to make!
I have made several of these adorable  "no sew" ornaments  
Class available at "Early Girl Quilts at Assemble"

Like to try one? take a

Friday, December 1, 2017

12 Days of "I Believe" #1

Gift #1
Jewelry Travel Case...
Based on a terrific pattern in "Sew Many Gifts" by Karen Burns.. 
I started this project with a 18" by 11" piece of quilted Amy Butler fabric,  and cut  the inside pieces out of coordinating prints, currently available at "Early Girl Quilts at Assemble".
(As is the Book!)

I really like the necklace keep your necklaces from getting tangles and messy.
My additions to her pattern...the non zip pocket.. 
as a place for  a cash stash.

And Ribbon tie to hold rings in place

Those wonderful Tula Pink Blocks

Sew............. ........  Our local Modern-ish quilt group is sewing blocks from Tula Pink's  "City Sampler 100 Modern Quil...