Thursday, November 30, 2017

The 12 Days of Finished!

Sew.... I  love Christmas decorations,
 and I love to applique ... 
so, the year or so (or maybe more)
that I worked on this quilt  was  great fun! 
 The design is by Pat Sloan..
I know that when I hang "I Believe", the day after Thanksgiving, it's time to get finished,
 (or started the case may be)
 homemade gifts that  
"I Believe" I planned for Christmas..
" I Believe" I have a lot to do... 
and that I will finish!

Sew.. my challenge is to post a finished project everyday for the next 12 days

Want to join in the challenge... post your "I Believe I'll finish" photos as a comment! 

Check back tomorrow! Debbie


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Jackie's Quilt is Finished!

Sew.... Jackie's Quilt?
  Who is Jackie and why is this quilt named after her?  2 years ago my friend Janet received the original "Jackie's Quilt"  pieced top as a gift. Jackie had found it in with some family things and know that Janet and all her quilting friends would appreciate it...Of course, Janet and I fell in love with the original, and needed to figure out the pattern construction and make our own. It seems simple enough, just alot of squares, right...But, a lot of 1930's quilts, the construction may be pretty complex and it actually took 2 seasoned quilters the better part of an afternoon to decipher... 

Sew... my version of the "Jackie" is done in 1930's reproduction fabrics (often referred to as "Aunt Grace" fabric, after a wonderful collection of fabrics made popular by Marcus Fabrics.) 1930's quilts almost always had muslin fabric for the background, and medium green , bubblegum pink, or blue for the accent solid...I choose gray and orange for a more modern look...

More information about Jackie's quilt to come....

Photo by Colette Oswald Photography..Haddonfield, New Jersey

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