Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mystery Quilt?

Sew... to my not quilter friends ....A mystery quilt is a fun event for quilters. They receive fabric choice and cutting directions ahead of time, then receive clues to make their quilt without ever seeing what the finished quilt will look like.

 Do all quilters like this?  Some do's hard to let go and choose fabric without knowing how it will appear in the quilt. 
Do people who have made mystery quilts with me in the past love their quilts? Most will say they love the final quilt. Interesting that many quilters have said that had they seen the pattern beforehand, they would have assumed it was too difficult! I find it's easier when you concentrate on one part at a time.... are some of the previous mystery quilts......

Mystery  2012 

 Mystery 2016

Mystery 2015's time to start planning this fall's mystery quilt.

  I have done about 15 mysteries. Some have been original designs, some are adapted from another designer's pattern.. (I have purchased the rights to use others' patterns several times.) This year it is inspired by a blog post I found on Pinterest. If you decide to join us at the Assemble Fall Quilting Retreat you will receive the clues, and credit to the inspiring designer.

 For now......well, it's a mystery!
And, for now... I am going to share only my fabric choices...
I seem to be stuck in  a scrappy, one color mode. 
Last year's quilt was "75 Shades of Green".
Before that, blue and white, yellow and white, gray and white,        Caribbean blues, and focus on pink. 
This year I'm going back to gray... The quilt is simple, clean and modern. 

Lights and Light/Mediums



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