Thursday, December 7, 2017

" I Believe" Day #5

Day #5  
Scrappy Pillow
A few years ago , I  made the top out of leftover strips from a "low volume" quilt. 
The plan was to make a doll quilt, but it seemed sort of dull, so I set it aside...
Makes a better pillow, don't you think? 

Sew.. about the "low volume" quilt...
 I loved using Jen Kingwell's
 "Gypsy Wife" pattern to make the quilt... I used 50 different light/background/low volume was fun and a bit challenging to keep things in order...but I finished!
And, then....
I decided it would work best as upholstery!
We have a terrific upholsterer, 
Bruce Chandler, in Westmont, New Jersey, 
and he has used my quilts to upholster other chairs for me.. This is my favorite.. 
The piping is made from gray "Peppered Cotton".

 Hope your Christmas gift making is going well... 
Coming up next..."WellWisher" doll clothes, and granddaughter Christmas dress to match!

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  1. Stunning - and a pillow to match WOO WOO (Accordionland)


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