Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Jackie's Quilt is Finished!

Sew.... Jackie's Quilt?
  Who is Jackie and why is this quilt named after her?  2 years ago my friend Janet received the original "Jackie's Quilt"  pieced top as a gift. Jackie had found it in with some family things and know that Janet and all her quilting friends would appreciate it...Of course, Janet and I fell in love with the original, and needed to figure out the pattern construction and make our own. It seems simple enough, just alot of squares, right...But, no..like a lot of 1930's quilts, the construction may be pretty complex and it actually took 2 seasoned quilters the better part of an afternoon to decipher... 

Sew... my version of the "Jackie" is done in 1930's reproduction fabrics (often referred to as "Aunt Grace" fabric, after a wonderful collection of fabrics made popular by Marcus Fabrics.) 1930's quilts almost always had muslin fabric for the background, and medium green , bubblegum pink, or blue for the accent solid...I choose gray and orange for a more modern look...

More information about Jackie's quilt to come....

Photo by Colette Oswald Photography..Haddonfield, New Jersey

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Happening in October!

Every Witch Needs a Great Hat!

Sew... I have always like witch hat decorations..and decided to make one this year....
I had a pattern and everything..then found this one at Springdale Farm Market...
all it needed was the ribbons and sparkle! 

The quilt is several years old...inspired by a favorite Moda fabric called  "Witches Undies"..  

What are you sewing this month? 

 I am seriously working on a blue, green, and purple applique quilt... the fabrics are Kaffe Fassett and friends... the patterns are from a mixture of Blackbird Designs, Edyta Sitar, Kim McLean and me! I love the combination of primitive patterns and WOW! contemporary fabrics
Also..because I can't work on one thing at a time.. I am starting to cut a quilt called "Cranberry Chutney" from Madison Cottage Design.. 

I am using a Jen Kingwell for Moda group called "Moving on Lawns" along with my favorite Peppered Cotton Solids..

And....no picture yet... 
I need to finish my grandson's Luke Skywalker  costume...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


SEW.... I was talking to a quilting friend recently, and she commented on the zipper bags I had made.
 She said " I think they are cute...but what do you use them for?" 
  Well, they are cute, and they are fun gifts to make and give...
Sew..what do I use them for?   
The long green one, made by my friend Janet for a guild swap, holds pens and pencils, and the eyeglass wipes I need all the time. The large floral has a phone charger, and sometimes the NOOK charger.  The diamond shape has lip stuff, hand sanitizer, and cough drops. 
The clear front bag ...
well it's perfect for packing that rotary cutter  .....or M&Ms?
My purse is so much easier to use when it is filled with these fun organizers.

It's easy to make a few at a time.. uses your favorites quilt leftovers ( I refuse to call them scraps!), and they are really useful... Need your gift to be a bit more?  Add a gift card inside for a special surprise.... Fill with first aid stuff, school basics, simple sewing emergency kit...or for that new mom.. emergency diaper and wipes.... the possibilities are...sorry...endless! 

Your local quilt shop will have a variety of fun patterns and zippers in great colors... 
I used Stowaways and Bridget Baguettes from Atkinson Designs, and Sweetpea Pods from Lazy Girl designs...

What am I making this year?   Well, I just started thinking......

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mystery Quilt?

Sew... to my not quilter friends ....A mystery quilt is a fun event for quilters. They receive fabric choice and cutting directions ahead of time, then receive clues to make their quilt without ever seeing what the finished quilt will look like.

 Do all quilters like this?  Some do not....it's hard to let go and choose fabric without knowing how it will appear in the quilt. 
Do people who have made mystery quilts with me in the past love their quilts? Most will say they love the final quilt. Interesting that many quilters have said that had they seen the pattern beforehand, they would have assumed it was too difficult! I find it's easier when you concentrate on one part at a time....

Sew...here are some of the previous mystery quilts......

Mystery  2012 

 Mystery 2016

Mystery 2015

Sew...it's time to start planning this fall's mystery quilt.

  I have done about 15 mysteries. Some have been original designs, some are adapted from another designer's pattern.. (I have purchased the rights to use others' patterns several times.) This year it is inspired by a blog post I found on Pinterest. If you decide to join us at the Assemble Fall Quilting Retreat you will receive the clues, and credit to the inspiring designer.

 For now......well, it's a mystery!
And, for now... I am going to share only my fabric choices...
I seem to be stuck in  a scrappy, one color mode. 
Last year's quilt was "75 Shades of Green".
Before that, blue and white, yellow and white, gray and white,        Caribbean blues, and focus on pink. 
This year I'm going back to gray... The quilt is simple, clean and modern. 

Lights and Light/Mediums



Monday, June 19, 2017

A Busy Quilter's Garden !

I love gardens,and if there were 36 hours in a day, weeds didn't exist, and my knees were not 65 years old... I would have a big beautiful garden for both flowers and veggies.. 
But it seems the only thing I'm willing to make time for is the part where you buy the plants!  That's right..just like shopping for quilt fabric...plant shopping is so much fun!
 The grandkids love to go plant shopping..and we share the perfect garden! It's in a 24" saucer shaped container, has a path and a "shell" swimming pool (I just noticed in the picture ..the pool needs cleaning). there's a few places for the fairies to sit,  a bunny, and a variety of perfect sized plants and the stem from last year's pumpkin that looks like a fallen log. 
Our local plant center, McNaughton's, had a great selection of perfectly sized plants. We also found some at Terrain in Concordville, Pa (shopping at Terrain..a whole other post!)
Granddaughter, O, loves to play with the fairies, and she helps me weed the garden and prune the plants. The tiny fairy actually looks like her! She and the fairies were happy to discover that one of our plants...new this year...gets tiny purple flowers.

Fairy gardening is so much like quiltmaking...You get to shop, trade, and search around for different textures...and piece them together in a visually pleasing arrangement. 

And you can take care of it and still have plenty of time to quilt!

Grandson L  asked me to tell you , we also have a venus flytrap  who lives in the kitchen.
 "If only he liked the outside, he could live in the fairy garden"

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Honey Pot Bee Urban Woven Block

Honey Pot Bee Princesses..Welcome!...

As you may guess, I am new to blogging.. in fact, I learned it just for you!  So please excuse any tech errors.. and enjoy the block!

Urban woven
block designed by Debbie Hagy for the Honey Pot Bee
finished 10” by 15”
Suggested fabrics:
1 very light, or very dark background fabric… ¼ yard

4 accent fabrics..  I use 3” read solid” (from a distance they look solid)fabrics),  and 1 more of a printy print.. I  used the printy print as accent #1(green in the photo) in the place with the most seams… the seams show less…

My background fabric is:
     Meadow Storm Misty from Victoria FindlayWolfe (Marcus Brothers)
Accents prints are:
     Garden Dreamer from Maureen Cracknell (Art Gallery)

From background fabric cut 1 strip 2 ¼” wide   Cut 7 2 ¼” squares. Cut 1 strip 4” wide, cut (3)  4” squares cut squares in half on the diagonal, twice to make 12 triangles  (10 of which you will use).

From Accent fabric #1 (green)  Cut (1) 2 ¼” Cut (8) 2 ¼” squares, and (1) rectangle 2 ¼” by 6 1/2"

From Accent fabric #2 (orange) Cut (1) 2 ¼” strip, subcut (2) 5 ¾” by 2 ¼” rectangles, and (1) 7 ½” by 2 ¼” this pieced will be trimmed after the block is finished.

From Accent fabric #3 (yellow) Cut (1) 2 ¼” strip, subcut (1) 5 ¾” by 2 ¼” rectangles, and (4) 6 ½” by 2 ¼” these pieces will be trimmed after the block is finished.

From Accent fabric #4 (purple) Cut (1) 2 ¼” strip, subcut (1) 5 ¾” by 2 ¼” rectangles, and (4) 6 ½” by 2 ¼” these pieces will be trimmed after the block is finished.

1.Begin piecing with the lower right hand corner. 
  Sew (2) white triangles to the accent #1 rectangle. (A "Sleepy" unit). 
 Sew an accent #1 square to  (2) accent #4 6 1/2" rectangles.        Don't worry about how extra long some of the pieces are  ou will trim down later...

Press as shown below, then match seams and sew across...This is one of those rare places where I pin!

Press towards Accent #4 It should look like this...

2. Now.. piece (4) background squares, (2) accent #1 squares, 
and (1) accent #3  5 3/4" rectangle together as shown below

Press as shown below

add (2) accent #2 5 3/4" rectangles to  the pieced square. 

3.Now, piece a "Goofy" with 2 background triangles, 1 background square, 1 accent #1 square, and 1 accent #3 6 1/2" rectangle.

Sew as shown below

Press as shown below.   You have now made a "Goofy" unit  .

 Piece 2 background triangles and an accent #3  6 1/4" rectangle as you did in step #1("Sleepy" unit)

Sew "Goofy" and "Sleepy" to step #2 unit

4. Piece a row starting with an accent #4 5 3/4" rectangle. Sew an          accent #1 square to either side,
     then add an accent #4 6 1/4"  rectangle to either end.
    Press towards the accent #1 squares.

5.  Sew everything together as shown below.

6. Now you need to make a pair of "'Goofy" units,
 1 right and 1 left, using background triangles and squares, accent #1 squares, and accent#3 6 1/4' rectangles.

  7. Sew the "Goofy" units to an accent #2  7 1/2" rectangle.
      Press as shown below.
8.Sew all units together. Press..

 9. Trim to about 10 1/2" by 15 1/2".

All Done!!

Hope you enjoyed sewing  
Urban woven

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Seasonal Fruit? What's that?

Sew... if you are old enough, you remember when  strawberries were a huge treat, as were melons, watermelon, blueberries, peaches, etc.  New Jersey is also famous for asparagus, beans, and of course, the famous Jersey tomato!Most of our favorite fruits and vegetables were really only available when they were "in season". Now, most things are in the stores year round, although sometimes they aren't too great. Were am I going with this?
It's strawberry season in southern New Jersey! Yippee! Even though Driscoll strawberries are in the stores all the time, and they can be really good, there is nothing better than local strawberries. I bought a quart at the Haddonfield Farmers Market, from Duffields,  a farm store from Sewell, NJ. They are amazing! They will have them 'til mid June, and then we have to wait a few weeks for the peaches.. 
In an attempt to avoid the shortcake, ice cream, pie, and other calorie laden strawberry desserts,,, I just fixed this beautiful dish , inspired by my neighbors from Truman Avenue in Haddonfield. In the day (30 years ago), fresh strawberries, drenched in sour cream, and then, coated with brown sugar...Amazing. The updated version... greek yogurt.. and just a bit of brown sugar.. wonderful!  

In case you care..the plate is Spode, belonged to my grandmother..
.and the tablecloth is an old, worn double wedding ring quilt..

Sew, what will we do with the peaches?  
Have to wait 'til they are In Season...

Jackie's Quilt is Finished!

Sew.... Jackie's Quilt?   Who is Jackie and why is this quilt named after her?  2 years ago my friend Janet received the original &quo...