Thursday, January 18, 2018

New projects!

Sew... the holiday decorations are put away and it's time to move on with some new and fun things!

My family is laughing at me a bit ...
I spent an hour watching You Tube videos on how to make doll shoes and boots for the Wellis..
.I also spent significant time watching "How to change the windshield wipers on my 1998 Subaru Outback".. but that is a whole other story.... 
I have done neither of these things!

Sew.. I read thru the December blog posts and it seems I promised to explain about the Christmas dolls... 
I bought Olive "Willa" a Welli Wisher doll made by American Girl.. I received the doll in November and used her as a fit model for some clothes I made (several items features in past posts). 
The Wellis have a TV show on Amazon,(of course, they do!), and Olive and I watched a few episodes... One day in December, she asked for the "Camille" doll for Christmas. After she mentioned Camille several times, and I suggested that maybe Willa was cuter..and then..
I bought the Camille doll for her.. (no surprise here)
Christmas morning we BOTH got dolls and now we play with them together!

Willa and Camille in their jeans  and Go Gator tshirts...

Willa is wearing a cashmere sweater  (Camille has one in purple)
 I made them  from old sweaters that were no longer wearable.
The sweater is made using Football Jersey pattern..
just changed a few things so it opened in the front instead of the back

Next Post....The Blue and White Quilt

Stay Warm and Safe..... Mimi

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