Saturday, May 6, 2017

Pentagons, Hexagons...Oh my!

 For a great summer traveling project, I love English paper piecing hexagons, or etc. They are very portable and easy to sew. I prefer card stock shapes. You can either buy precut , or you can google "hexagon template sheet" and print and cut your own.. There are also a number of diecut machines available to the home crafter.

Most directions tell you to cut the fabric the size of your template, plus a ¼” seam allowance on each size. I find it’s easier if the seam allowance is a bit bigger, and it doesn’t need to be exact..about 3/8” is better.

 The first step is to fold one edge on  your template, and clip with a wonderclip.

 Now to baste the edges over….  I use cotton thread.. and a long thin needle.. straw, milliners or applique sharp will be best. Thread the needle and knot one end.
Take a stitch in the seam allowance, then fold the fabric at the point and take a stitch at the point, then a 2nd stitch in place, then move on to the next point turning the fold and stitching.. at the last point, take an extra tack stitch .. and  you are done! 

Now make a whole bunch of them, the sew them together using a small whip stitch or a ladder stitch.

You will want to leave the paper in until all the shapes are sewn together. Notice that the basting is left in your project.. there is no reason to take it out…Just gently tug out the papers ( since you didn't sew through them they should come out easily and be reusable!)

Thought you might like to see what the front looks like..These are small hexagons, cut from a jelly roll (2 1/2" strip) collection from Free Spirit Fabrics.  
 Some of the shapes are fussy cut to get whole pictures...

More summer handwork projects to come........
Enjoy the process...Says Mimi!

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